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December 13, 2016

5 Tips to Select a TV Wall Mount Frame

People love watching TV so much that there’s a whole term coined for that posture – ‘Couch potato’!

Well if you’re seated on a couch, you’re sure going to want the TV mounted in a place that truly lets you enjoy you most favourite pass-time.

Wall mounting the TV is an option that several home-owners in Melbourne are opting for, mainly because the interiors of homes are changing and a wall mount TV fits in perfectly with those aesthetics.

Understand the benefit: 

The main benefit of using a TV wall mount frame is that it makes the room look less cluttered and also gives you more floor space to make use of, which is always an added advantage.

Even if you’re a home-owner blessed with a spacious house you’d still choose to have the TV wall mounted because of the modern classy look it gives the house.

Choose your type: 

Starting with the basics, there are three types of wall mount frame options for your TV, which you can choose from depending on your requirement and how much you are willing to spend.

They are also further divided on the basis of materials used. The important thing to keep in mind is that you need something that is sturdy, durable and that can take the weight of your television.

  • The first type is a low-profile television wall mountable frame, which is economical and also the choice of most. Although economical, it has one drawback, which is that once fixed it cannot be adjusted to suit any new requirements.
  • Second is the tilting wall mount, which is perfect for those who don’t have a fixed spot for watching television and like to try different seating spots in the room. The advantage of this frame is that you can tilt it up and down, depending on where you’re seated. Easy to install, this particular mount works well for televisions placed at a height.
  • Finally, for those who like to keep moving and adjust their television to suit their comforts, there is the option of the ‘full-motion mount’.

Now this is the dream of those who are avid watchers. It can be adjusted vertically, can be tilted in all the directions and can even be brought forward if need be, so that no matter which part of the room you watch television from, you enjoy a comfortable and premium experience that remains uncompromised.

No matter which frame you use, remember to state your television brand and model so that you can verify whether the frame you have chosen can accommodate its size and weight.

Ensure that you get a skilled professional to advice and install it for you so that they do it to perfection and so that it does not damage the wall or compromise on your safety.

Gecko products offer a range of wall mount frames which allow you to install your gadget in your home the exact way you imagine it.

With competitive pricing and the finest quality, you’re sure to find a wall mount frame that matches your requirement and also comfortably fits in your budget.

The best part, their skilled technicians take care of installation and can advise you appropriately on the placement and positioning so as to avoid chances of any mishaps or accidents.

Having worked with clientele with differing requirements we can ably match your needs together along with what you actually are asking for.

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